Thursday, March 26, 2009

Please Don't Buy While Beautiful Shelter Dogs Die...

Hi Everydoggie!!

I need your help. I have entered into an international speech contest for Toastmasters. The rules of the contest is the speech must be motivational, with a powerful message... so I naturally thought of this topic.

I would like to hear about success stories from you doggies. Were you saved by your fur-ever families? How were you found? What was your background? What was life like for you before your fur-ever family found you, and whats it been like since?

As you know, Lexi was saved by Echo Dogs White Shepard rescue.... to think someone discarded this little cutie!! Destiny also came from a shelter, and we all know how wonderful she was, and how many lives she touched....

Tell me your tails!!! You might end up in my speech and motivate other people to skip the breeders and head straight for the shelters!

XOXO~ belly rubs and snuggles!!

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Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I am my mom's 7th Sibe - but the furst that is all HERS!
The others were shared in the relationship/marriage...

ANYWAY, my mom had to leave her five Sibes (one had khrossed some years ago) bekhause she had to leave a bad situation - she had stayed too long fur The Girls' sake as it was. She moved in with her mom - now known as My Doggy Nanny. My DN khould see my mom missed have a khanine. She said she khould have one of hers - of khourse, the other pawrent said they khould not be separated.

Mom began to give thought to getting a khanine of her own. She chekhked the lokhal SPCA - they had a khute mixed female that khaught Mom's eye. Mom went to see her Saturday August 19...she was gone but there was this Sibe named Whitney. She reminded Mom of her eldest Sibe Kyrye furry much although Whitney had two brown eyes and Kyrye has two blue. Mom spent about an hour that day - making three loops of the kennels - spending more time each time with Whitney.

Whitney supposedly had male issues - and khat issues - and was a runner - she had been surrendered since she kept running off and the other people would khommit to fencing/etc her -

On Saturday August 26, 2006 - my mom's 47 birthday - she had them get Whitney out - she had filed the applikhation during the week - and spent an hour with her in the big exercise area...

WELL, Whitney is now ME - Khyra - and I'm one happy girl!

I'm loved!
I'm safe!

Just like Lexi is now!