Thursday, December 3, 2009

OMD... No posties since my barkday?

Wowzers! Gosh me and Momma waz buzy this fall!

Letz see if I can recap what happened since I barked at you last....

After my barkday, Momma and I went for lots of walks down to Otter Ponds...

We went to the farm alot with Derby, we climbed a mountain, and we did alot of playing.

Momma sayz she has to update her piktures so I can show ya'll what we did.

But for now, I just wanted to shake my paw and say hi ya'll and I will be barking at you more often - I will make sure of it!

Love and Licks!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its my BarkDay!!!


It me and Momma's birthdays! Because Momma doesn't really know when I was born, and I can't remember - we are celebrating our birthdays together today!!

I already got a cool toy from Nana - and Momma sayz there is more to come.

I told Momma all I want for my Barkday is for her to update my bloggie - I got tons and tons of stuff to show and tail!!!

Bark at cha later!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Momma's been slackin!

I don't beg much - but when I do - I beg Momma to update my bloggie! Summer is slipping away. Its been raining ALOT around here though - ruining our fun!

Momma said we have lots of adventures planned for August. We are going to our friend Joannes Summer Slam paw-ty! She holds it every year to benefit the animal shelter - Destiny and Momma went last year and had a blast.

And then Momma told me some paw-some news! We are going to go on a boat!! We've been invited to Freddie's annual Clambake out on Little Chebeague Island! Momma said that she and Destiny went last year, and had SO much fun. She can hardly wait to see the fun I have. I can't wait either!!!

Its been really rainy - so me and Momma are going through old photo's and she is telling me about the adventures her and Destiny had. She said the last summer Destiny was here, was the best summer ever - they did alot of great stuff together.

This is my sissy Destiny - she is on Freddys boat. Momma sayz I get to go this year!!

Momma said that when the boat went fast, Destiny felt safer sitting with Freddy! I can't wait to go fast on the boat!

OMD - LOOK! Its an ALIEN!!! Momma sayz we eat these things!!!

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!! Its a Sea Monster!!!! WOOF! WOOF!!!

No Lexi, its just our friend Freddy being silly!

How long til we get to go Momma?

Be patient Lexi... its not for a few more weeks...

How long is that? Momma? How Long?

Believe me Lexi - Don't rush.... life goes by fast enough Little One..

I guess I will just take a nappy and hope it comes soon.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lexi and Derby's BIG day OUT!

WOOFS and Lickies!!

Hi every puppy!!

I live in Maine now, and I'm not too sure about this weather! Itz rained here for 26 days in June! Mez and Derbyz was so bored!

FINALLY this weekend we got some good weather, and Momma and Puppa took us out to play - here is our slide show of our big day out! Enjoy!!

4th of July and Thunderboomies

Woof Every doggie!

I hopes all youz pupz had a good 4th of July weekend! I know some of you doggies get skeerd of the boomies and X-plo-shuns. Momma said that Sistah Destiny used to get weely weely skeerd. Good thing for Momma - Iz a brave pup, and I don't mind the loud boomies at all. I stayed with Derby on the 4th while Momma and Puppa went to see the firewurks.

Momma would like to let you know some advice she got from some friends on facebook on what to do about skeerd pups in thunder-boomie storms and firewurks... hope this advice helps woo doggies!

Here is the conversation from Facebook!

Amy Drouin I HATE the 4th of July just because of the fireworks and my 2 big shivering German shepherds...they are wide eyed and scared out of their minds. Poor guys, I hope they stop soon

Ian Brierley
Ian Brierley
I agree, our 2 dogs and daughter hate them also, along with thunderstorms.

Leigh Parisi
Leigh Parisi
Have you tried Bach's Rescue Remedy? Love that stuff! It helps ease the dogs stress with storms and fireworks.

Ian Brierley
Ian Brierley
What is that Leigh?

Ian Brierley
Ian Brierley
What is that Leigh?

Leigh Parisi
Leigh Parisi
I give it to my dogs during storms. It's a flower essence. You put a few drops in their mouth every 15 minutes or so. You can buy it at Whole Foods or any health food store.

Ian Brierley
Ian Brierley
I will have to get some and try it..long shot here:) Does it work on kids under 5:)lol..kidding.

Leigh Parisi
Leigh Parisi
LOL! Don't laugh.. It's actually a stress reliever for people too!

Ian Brierley
Ian Brierley
LoL, umm, have to read the fine print i guess.

Leigh Parisi
Leigh Parisi
It's not like sedation, but it takes the edge off. I've recommended to a few other dog parents who now swear by it during storms. We've had enough of those lately!

Ian Brierley
Ian Brierley
I will have to look inot it, sounds fairly innocent for pets, I will ask our Vet about it, but I appreciate the info, on it:)

Leigh Parisi
Leigh Parisi
Don't count on your vet being entirely gung ho unless their into natural methods. Don't get me started there ! I wish they wold come to realize, like some have, that traditional medicine can be complimented by natural.

Ian Brierley
Ian Brierley
I have a good friend that is into that sort of stuff also, she is a graduate vet student- something, I will ask her first before our vet.

Lisa Patnaude
Lisa Patnaude
There's also something called an anxiety wrap that may help. You can also use a snug fitting tshirt -

Amy Drouin
Amy Drouin
You won't believe it, but I use the snug fitting Tshirt on my dogs during every storm and it really helps a LOT. The dogs (& wolves) natually pull towards tention, like new dogs on a leash for the first time, they pull away from it because they are affraid. If they wear a Tshirt I usually loop the bottom up into a knot on their backs so it's snug, Ruger had one on last night and he fell right to sleep almost as soon as I put it on him...try it out!

Jennifer Faust Biedrzycki
Jennifer Faust Biedrzycki
poor ally climbs in the bathtub. i agree! :)

Priscilla Hansen
Priscilla Hansen
Wow - I wish I knew about these methods when Destiny was alive - I would have done anything to get her to stop shaking - I swore she would die of a heartattack during a thunderstorm! Lexi doesnt seem to be phased by T-storms at all - which is so good! (probably because Amy is so awesome at giving them a good start!)

Amy Drouin
Amy Drouin
awwwww, thank you sooo much! You don't know how good that makes me feel XXOO Happy 4th Priscilla, give Lil' Lexi a big kiss from her foster family iin CT.

So there you go - some advice from my foster-mommy Amy!!! WOOF WOOF - LICK LICK - Love you Amy!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wild Goose (or deer... maybe it was a rabbit) CHASE!!

Hello every doggie!

Momma isn't too pleased with me right now. She sayz Iz in the "dog house".... isn't that where doggies are supposed to be?

First off... I ate our remote control. I've watched Momma use it a million times, and I was getting bored watching animal planet while Momma was out earning the kibble... so I thought I might try to change the channels myself....

When I saw how upset Momma was... I was really really sorry....

Momma was just happy that I was ok, and I didn't hurt myself. She said the bat-a-rees could have made me sick! I didn't know that! No more animal planet for me I guess....

So today was a new day, and Momma said she was tired of the rain, and she said to me no matter what the weather, we would go for walkies. OMG! Walkies?!?!? Its been raining SO much here - it rained 26 days in June! Can woo beeweeve that? But Momma promised no matter what - we would have walkies today.

So she was working the comp-poo-ter... and I kept reminding her - walkies! walkies! walkies! Everytime she got up from her desk, I would do zoomies around the living room, and go crazy! FINALLY she got the hint... and it wasn't raining! YAY!!

So we headed off to Otter Ponds. Momma makes me wear a leash through the neighborhood til we get to the path - then its safe to go off leash - its all woods - lots and lots and lots of woods.

We finally got to the power lines, and this is where Momma wishes I could talk and tell her what I saw that made me run into the woods. Well, silly Momma, I can talk - you just need to listen!!

I saw a beautiful creature - it looked like a dog, but it was more beautiful, and when I ran towards it - it ran! at LIGHTENING speed! OH! Joy! something to chase! And I ran straight into the woods... I ran, and I ran - chasing the woodland creature - bounding and running and running and runn..... OMD... where am I?

I ran so far into the woods, I couldn't find my way back! I was skeered! I know Momma was looking for me ... I could hear her, but I couldn't tell where she was... and she told me she stayed for an hour looking through the woods trying to find me. She didn't have good shoes on, and she fell in the mud. She said she was really upset for coming out in the woods without her phone. What an ordeal!


She finally had to give up looking for me and go back to the house - it was a long walk, and she ran almost all the way. She got Chuck (our neighbor) and the kids and Bruce to come look for me. She called her sister Becky, and she called Mike who said they would come as fast as they could to come look.

Momma changed her muddy clothes and grabbed her phone. She jumped in the truck to look for me. JD was on his bike, Chuck was in the van with Alex and Bruce. Everyone went in all sorts of different directions and the search began.

Meanwhile, I found my way back through the woods, and hey! This looks familiar! YES! This is the path that me and Momma walk on!!! So I ran as fast as I could back the way we had came! Momma! I'm coming!!! Where are you Momma?!?!

I saw the boy (JD) on a bike - he was yelling at me - I didn't want to stop - I was running for home - follow me!!! He called my Momma and said he spotted me, but I was too fast - I ran past through the woods - I need to find my Momma!!! Moooooooommmmmmaaaa!!!


Momma found JD who said he just saw me.... and then she called Chuck. When they figured out the direction I was running - there was only one place I could be....


Thats where they found me!

Momma hugged me and kissed me and told me to never scare her like that again! She said that its going to be awhile before I can go off leash again. I don't know.. I think it will be a while before I run off like that again, I haven't been able to leave Mommas side since.

What an adventure! I ate my supper, and Momma is patting me... I think I will take a little nap.. and dream about that mystical woodland creature - and chase it!... in my sleep.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My first camping trip!!

WOOF WOOF every barky!

OMD - I have SO much to tell youz guyz! Better grab a chewie and get settled!

Momma, Mike, Derby and I went camping this weekend! It was so much fun! We went to Rangeley. Momma said she used to take Destiny there every year - and it was Destiny's favorite place in the world - and I can see why - its a doggie paradise!

First, we stopped in Mexico, Maine ... Mike wanted to take some funny pictures... doesn't he look silly???

Then we stopped at a place called Coo's Canyon.... it was really fun to walk around on the rocks...

And look what we found in the rocks...

Momma said we are going to go again in a couple weeks - I can hardly wait!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Family Portraits

Woof Woof!!

I haz lots to tell youz guyz!!

On Wednesday morning, I woke up, and Momma was hurrying around saying that she had to get clothes together, and stuff. You know - human stuff. So I went outside to scout around. And wow - what a great day - it was a little rainy, a little wet .... and there was so much mud to roll in!! So I got good and coated, rolling, rolling, sniffing, roll some more....

Whats this? Momma is calling me back to the house - better run!

What? What is a PicT-Shur? Why are you so upset Momma?

What do you mean I have to take a bath right now?

Well, come to find out, Momma, Mike, Derby and I had an App-point-MINT to have our PicT-Shurs taken at Joanne Lee Photography Studios. I wasn't too sure about this.... but I have to tell you.. Joanne was one super nice lady! She let us run around while Momma and Mike posed for PicT-Shurs.... then it was Me and Derby's turn!

Me and Derby were the stars of the show...

I tended to wiggle around alot, and really just wanted to sit in Joannes lap rather than take pictures, so there were more taken of Derby than me..

Isn't he handsome?

I really like that poem she added - thats exactly what Momma says that said exactly how she feels about us!

Momma said these are just the proofs and there will be more pictures coming soon - I can't wait to see them!

Lookie - Joanne writes a bloggie too!

Momma sayz Iz so pretty I could be a movie stah and earn my own kibble... but for now, I believe there is a mud puddle with my name on it!


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry, Lexi can't come out and play...

She's grounded.

Yup. Lexi's been a naughty little pup. She started the weekend by chewing her collar. Yes, I did take it off because the jingling drives me crazy .. but she did get on the couch to get it.

Because she didn't have a collar, she had to "skip and go nekked" this weekend. This morning the sun actually came out (first time in days) and I decided to vaccuum Mike's floors and wash the kitchen floor. He had the pups upstairs in the office with him, so I could work dog-free.

Well, apparently, the dogs came downstairs without me noticing, and I had the door open to dry the floors - and you guessed it - they were footloose and fancy free.. for who knows how long.

A neighbor called animal control, and luckily Derby was wearing his tags ... and Mike got a call. He was surprised because he thought I had the dogs, and I was surprised because I thought the dogs were upstairs with him. So, our juvenile deliquent pooches were returned in a police car.

Luckily - no harm, no foul... and we went today and bought Miss Lexi a new collar, and she is leashed outside thinking about the fright she put into Momma.

So, sorry little pups... Lexi can't come out to play today... but she says she is very sorry. I can't stay mad at her for long... ;-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wish I knew how to use a kom-poo-ter

Because then I could update my own bloggie and not wait for Momma to have time. She sayz that she is bee-zee working on her web-sight. I didn't know Momma was a spider and had a web! WOW.

She sayz its a wurk-in-prog-ress.

I think it looks good to me!

But what do I know... I'm just a pup..

But... guess what! Momma took me to Otter Ponds - and I finally learned to swim!! I used to just wade along the side... but I finally decided that I wanted to give that stick-fetching thing a try! Look at me go!

Look at me Momma! I'z swimmin'!!!

Ooof .. Ooooof... Iz needz to go back to shore now!

Well, until next time - stay cool all you poochies! I'll bark at cha soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to all the Fur-babie Mommies!!

Momma said its Mothers Day! She said its mostly for humans. I think Mommies of Fur-babies need special reck-cog-knit-shun too.

We are going to the farm so Mommy can see her Mommy. I love going to the farm. We go almost every Sunday because we can run and play there... here are some pictures from last Sunday..
Come On Derb... last one to the pond is a rotten egg!

Mud? What Mud?
Someone's getting a bath tonight....
Don't worry Momma... we will wash off in here..
I love the farm... so many places to run, sniff and explore!!

I can't wait to go again!!!

For now... I will just wait here and nap with my stuffies...

Bark atcha later Pooches!!