Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sorry, Lexi can't come out and play...

She's grounded.

Yup. Lexi's been a naughty little pup. She started the weekend by chewing her collar. Yes, I did take it off because the jingling drives me crazy .. but she did get on the couch to get it.

Because she didn't have a collar, she had to "skip and go nekked" this weekend. This morning the sun actually came out (first time in days) and I decided to vaccuum Mike's floors and wash the kitchen floor. He had the pups upstairs in the office with him, so I could work dog-free.

Well, apparently, the dogs came downstairs without me noticing, and I had the door open to dry the floors - and you guessed it - they were footloose and fancy free.. for who knows how long.

A neighbor called animal control, and luckily Derby was wearing his tags ... and Mike got a call. He was surprised because he thought I had the dogs, and I was surprised because I thought the dogs were upstairs with him. So, our juvenile deliquent pooches were returned in a police car.

Luckily - no harm, no foul... and we went today and bought Miss Lexi a new collar, and she is leashed outside thinking about the fright she put into Momma.

So, sorry little pups... Lexi can't come out to play today... but she says she is very sorry. I can't stay mad at her for long... ;-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wish I knew how to use a kom-poo-ter

Because then I could update my own bloggie and not wait for Momma to have time. She sayz that she is bee-zee working on her web-sight. I didn't know Momma was a spider and had a web! WOW.

She sayz its a wurk-in-prog-ress.

I think it looks good to me!

But what do I know... I'm just a pup..

But... guess what! Momma took me to Otter Ponds - and I finally learned to swim!! I used to just wade along the side... but I finally decided that I wanted to give that stick-fetching thing a try! Look at me go!

Look at me Momma! I'z swimmin'!!!

Ooof .. Ooooof... Iz needz to go back to shore now!

Well, until next time - stay cool all you poochies! I'll bark at cha soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day to all the Fur-babie Mommies!!

Momma said its Mothers Day! She said its mostly for humans. I think Mommies of Fur-babies need special reck-cog-knit-shun too.

We are going to the farm so Mommy can see her Mommy. I love going to the farm. We go almost every Sunday because we can run and play there... here are some pictures from last Sunday..
Come On Derb... last one to the pond is a rotten egg!

Mud? What Mud?
Someone's getting a bath tonight....
Don't worry Momma... we will wash off in here..
I love the farm... so many places to run, sniff and explore!!

I can't wait to go again!!!

For now... I will just wait here and nap with my stuffies...

Bark atcha later Pooches!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm fine now!

I woke Momma up this morning with eskie kisses and lickies and told her I feel much better today! All the swelling is gone, I ate a big breakfast and am ready to have fun today! Momma thinks I must have gotten stung by something... she is still confuzzled.

Momma was so concerned, she forgot to post the pictures of our last adventure to Otter Ponds..

So here we were .. just walking along...

Along the way we checked out lots of stuff...

Woo comin' Momma? She sure is slow!!

By the time we got to the Ponds the sun was setting! So we didn't stay long...

On the way back - I started growling.. I put my hackles up and kept looking at something on the ground... at first, Momma couldn't see what I was getting all wired up about.. until she saw this guy....

Momma praised me for not going and saying hello to him. She said he coulda bit my leg off! I can't beweeve sumfin so slow could be dangerous! But he was HUGE ... he was the size of a big turkey platter.... mmmm... turkey....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My mouff if swollwen

Momma came home today (she left to go to a speech contest, she was only gone a few hours) and found me with my mouth swollen. She tried to take pictures to show you... but it doesnt really show in pictures.

She is really puzzled because there is nothing chewed or missing - and there are no bite marks from spiders, ticks or bugs that she can see...there's nothing wrong with my teeth or tongue... so she just gave me a baby aspirin and said she would keep an eye on me.

Any of woos ever get a swollwen face?