Saturday, April 25, 2009

Otter Ponds

Momma and I have been doing alot of walking lately... there is a nice path behind our house that goes to a place called Otter Ponds near Sebago Lake - its really fun there, theres places to swim, and lots to sniff and smell...

There are birds to watch....

There are smells to be sniffed....

and its fun to splash around in the water!

Its a fun place to go... Momma said she really appreciated that I was there with her today... well... where else would I be!?!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's get Rowdy!!!

Woofs every doggie!!

My Auntie Becky sent Momma pictures of my playdate with Rowdy and Lewis! Rowdy is a 10 week old chocolate lab puppy that Auntie Becky just got for cousin Jeremy... and Lewis is a St. Bernard/Pointer mix that Auntie Becky rescued a couple years ago... they are my cousins and they are my bestest furends!!

Why are you chewing on a bottle little pup?

RAWR!! You may be big, but I am fast!

Hey! We have the same tail!!

Mmmmm... water!

I like him Momma - He's little!!!

Oh... Just wait a few months Lexi... he will get MUCH bigger than you! But I have a feeling you will still be boss of him. hee hee.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Watching Chickens

Heeewooo all woo doggies!

One of my new favorite things to do is watch chickens from the porch. I am up high so they don't know I am watching them. I saw snoopy do this once on a cartoon pretending he was a vulture...

Aww Momma... youz made too much noize... now I haz to start all over again...

It's a tough job... but somebodies gotz to do it....

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Thats what Momma says I'm doing - getting ACK-LIM-ATE-ED.... sounds yummy.

I really have been enjoying my new home! I love spending time with Derby - he and I are bestest of fur-ends!! Mike takes us to the dog park, and we'z gets all sorts of attention from the other dog-pops and mas because we'z so cute!

Momma has been very bee-zee - she says she is trying to build up enough KLY-ANTS to pay for my kibble. She iz a life coach. Izn't it funny - humans need coaches for their lives? We doggies just need to play, eat, sleep and poop!! Hee hee... we dontz need coaches for that! But Momma sayz that hoomans are more COMP-Plick-K8-ED... Ya.. I can see that... but that means Momma will always have a job.

- she will take lots of pix of me tomorrow - Derby and I are going to the farm for Easter!! YAY!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A pressie from Addie and Lucie!!!

FINALLY - Momma is helping me post about the excitement I had on Wednesday! Not only was it Derby's barkday - but I got a pressie from Addie and Lucie!! They wanted to welcome me home, and boy oh boy - do I feel welcomed!!! Because it was Derby's barkday - I shared my treat with him...

What do you think is in the box Lexi? It smells like treats to me.. yuuummmm...

Hey look - there is a card! It says "Welcome Home Lexi" and its from Addie and Lucie!! That's ME!

OMD... its TOYS TOO Derby! Lots of TOWYS!!

What is this - a pink woodchuck???

No Derby, you silly - these are from the south - its a pink pawssum!! I just LOVE IT! I'm gonna chew his ears off later...

Can woo beweeve all these towys?!?!

Ya.. the toys are neat... but get a load of these treats!!! Heart shaped raw-hide lollies!!! YUM!

Ohhhh.. You are right Derb... these lollies are PAWSOME!

Look at all the loot I got Momma - I got towys... rawhide sticks, squeeky tennis balls, peanut butter cookies and a pretty pink leash!!!

Gee Lexi - you have some pretty cool friends. Maybe I should get Puppa to start me a blog?

Wow Derby.. I'z so lucky Momma writes a bloggie for me... we have so many wonderful friends - especially Addie and Lucie... Hey... Momma... lookie - there is a pressie for you too! Is it treats? Is it a towy?

Oh Lexi... its something much more precious...

Its a picture of your beautiful sister Destiny. I would tell you about her, but I have a feeling you already know her... because she is the angel who sent you to me....
Staci, Addie and Lucie... THANK YOU so much for being such dear friends!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Momma say's she's too bee zee!


I am sneaking on the com-poo-tur weel kwik... I asked Momma to post for me, but she sayz she's really bee zee.

I got a pressie from Addie and Lucie yesterday - I cantz wait to tell wooz about it!!! Thank WOO so MUCH Addie and WOOCIE!!

Momma promised tomorrow she will help me post pictures of my pressie! I shared it wif Derby 'cuz it was his barkday...

Woof at ya tomorrow!!